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Performances & Workshops

As well as a performer, I am an experienced workshop leader and teacher. I have performed for charities, environmental organisations, individual and at festivals, museums and galleries.

Sessions are available in person and on Zoom. Contact me if you'd like to know book or know more. 










All performances will be theme and age appropriate and will be crafted in response to your needs. Just email me at the link below to arrange a short online or over the phone consultation. All story types available, fairytales, folk tales, myths and legends, historical and real-life tales too. 


How to tell stories to your children: a workshop for adults

If you're feeling like the stories you tell with your family need a little more magic or you want to know how to get out of a narrative dead-end, this is the workshop for you. I work with individuals or with groups up to 10 people in a venue of your choice or online. Group workshops are 4 hours long; individual sessions 3 hours or to suit your time availability. Contact me to find out more. 

Storytelling workshops for children 5 - 11

This fun workshop is a time for children to get creative with their own experiences and improve their narrative and imaginative skills. The workshop can be brought into schools and venues near you and includes a variety of activities which boost confidence and provide a fun way of using language. Workshop time minimum 1 hour and crafted to suit your particular schedule. 

Storytelling with family and friends: a beginner's workshop for adult beginners to learn the basics

A simple first step into the art and craft of storytelling. This workshop includes taking stories off the page, working on effective telling techniques and building confidence in delivering to an audience.

Sessions can take place on Zoom or in-person and are available for groups of up to 10 people or 1:1. Workshop times are 4 hours; individual sessions 3 hours or to suit your time availability. 

Prices available on request and after a short consultation.

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