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Bespoke Story Service


Bespoke Story Service

Children love to be the star of a story. If you're looking for a personalised gift that wont be forgotten, let me craft a beautiful tale for your child. Each story captures a memory of a child and their world at a moment in time that can be treasured and revisited as they grow.

There are two options. Both include a fifteen-minute consultation to make sure that your child is the hero of a story he or she will love. 

As an introductory offer, you will also receive a hand drawn picture (JPEG) of your child 'in character' with both options drawn by illustrator Liv Roberts. The tale will be sent to you as a WAV or mp3 audio file.

Star in a story you know and love

A fairytale or favourite story crafted for and starring your child.

After a 15-minute consultation about your child's personality, likes and dislikes I will adapt a classic tale or one of your choosing to feature your child.



Introductory Price


Star in your own story

A completely original story crafted for and starring your child.

After a 15-minute consultation about your child's personality likes and dislikes I will create an original story for your child in the starring role.


Introductory Price


Sample Bespoke Story & Illustration

Sylvie's Story 'Sylvie and the Lost Shoe'

This story was made for Sylvie's 3rd birthday. It features important family members, her home and a place her family often visit. Sylvie loves magic and making up fantasy worlds and she doesn't like getting muddy!

Sylvie and the Lost ShoeLorna B Stories
00:00 / 09:44
Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Testimonial: “Sylvie loves her story; we all do. Every detail rings true and is so beautifully woven together to make her little adventure feel very special. Sylvie talks about it as if it really happened and says, “That’s me, I’m Sylvie!” when we listen to it."   

Iona, Sylvie's Mum. 

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