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Audio Stories

The Magic Porridge PotLorna B Stories
00:00 / 16:24
The Gingerbread ManLorna B Stories
00:00 / 13:57
The Three Little pigsLorna B Stories
00:00 / 06:21
Jack and the Beanstalk Part 1Lorna B Stories
00:00 / 14:31
Little Red Riding HoodLorna B Stories
00:00 / 08:33
Jack and the Beanstalk Part 2Lorna B Stories
00:00 / 16:09
Goldilocks and The Three BearsLorna B Stories
00:00 / 11:54
The Old Man and the GoatLorna B Stories
00:00 / 13:34

What listeners have said about the audio stories...

"It was really super-duper good!"

Becca, 6

"I really liked how all the characters had names"

-Sophie, 9

"I liked that one and I'd like another one please"

- Sylvie 3

"Well, that just shows you. You should never leave your porridge unattended."

Minka, 6

"The kids loved these. They all just sat in total silence and listened to each one through twice."

- N, Mum, 35.

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