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About Lorna


Lorna Burchell is a Storyteller, Workshop Leader, Spoken Word Poet and Language Teacher living in Oxford.


She started formal training in 2016, but has been playing with words and entertaining others for a very long time indeed. 

Lorna’s favourite stories are those with humour, adventure and lots of magic. In particular, tales which remind us of our connection with the world and each other.


Her most recent project has been re-imagining classic fairytales for small children as a series of highly entertaining audio stories.


​She has run workshops for adults and children and performed for charities, individuals and for activist groups in such venues as churches, museums and community gardens.

Audiences would say her performances are full of energy and beautiful language. They also sometimes feature puppets and charismatic talking animals. 
Audiences may also say, that the stories she chooses highlight the shared nature of being human which binds us all, across cultures and geographical borders. Or they might just say they liked the bit with the talking horse. 

Lorna has trained with Jo Blake, Roi Gor-Al, Sue Hollingsworth, Stella Kassimati, Bronia Evers and Danyah Miller. 

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